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More and more publishers are concluding that an independent sales force represents the most effective way of selling in to the market.

Of course, there are a number of other options:

Running their own sales force

  • this takes a huge amount of management time
  • it is not easily scaleable as sales & markets develop
  • it can be an inflexible resource for changing business needs
  • it is simply too costly for many publishers

    Joining up with an existing publisher's sales force

    • the other list will usually be "first out of the bag"
    • the calling cycle and account base will be based around their needs
    • the reps' first loyalty will (of course) be to the company which pays them
    • there is always the risk of more corporate reorganization or consolidation

    Taking on their own team of freelancers, but

    • again, this will absorb a great deal of management time
    • the freelancers will almost certainly be variable in quality
    • feedback and reporting is likely to be less than ideal

    Given all these issues, an independent sales force is emerging as an increasingly attractive alternative, offering a more flexible, responsive and cost effective solution to meet the needs of a changing market.

    Compass Academic is the ideal partner for any publisher looking to appoint an independent sales team